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My fear is that all their efforts to keep the ACA are falling on deaf ears. Politicians are not there for the benefit of people, learn this now. They have an agenda and will stick to it regardless of what any one says. Now that you have tRump in the the white house and no checks and balances from the Congress and Senate they will be like the stampeeding herd trampling through the fields and vinyards. There will be nothing left to salvage. For those who can remember how fun they were, PBS had a program that featured short little ditties about our government and how it worked. I cannot recall the name for it, all I can remember is “Conjunction Junction what’s your Function”. But Rachel Madow has run some of the govrenment programs to illustrate her points. It rocked on teaching kids about government, an ordinarily dry subject. If they are still available, perhaps on line, maybe some folks should re-run the one on the checks and balances because we have none now. It is a dangerous thing to have only one party in power and our government was designed to provide those checks and balances so that EVERYONE was taken care of. I still believe in the four freedoms, the Constitution, and will stand in the way of anyone who tries to corrupt them. I may not be able to do it physically but I sure can write, talk and sign petitions.

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