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No love or respect for Reince but should it not be innocent until proven guilty. Mooch is a bombastic, crass, gutter snipe who needs a dose of duct tape over his mouth. tRump in hiring him has debased the oval office even further. How low can he go has yet to be determined as it seems he hits a low point but them drives the low point even further as evidenced by his hiring of Scarmucci. tRump is incapable, period. He does not have the ability to govern and no one in either party is standing up and putting the kibosh on his filthy rhetoric and god-father-like behavior. We now do not have a government, we have a mafioso run neighborhood. McCain came in with his staggering “no” vote to the repeal of the ACA and came the closet to telling tRump to “shove it”. Good for him. But real props to Susan Collins and Lisa Murkowski for leading the charge on that. McCain just cast the final, fatal blow but they were all stellar in their steadfast refusal to bow to tRump. Now if just a few more of the GOP would find their intestines and bulk up on fortitude, we might just make it out of this with our dignity and safeguards intact.

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