In the Zimmerman case, the issue was not “common sense.”
Dallas Dunlap

OK, but with Zimmerman, how on earth do you chase down an unarmed kid and call it self defense — -in my book you do not. Zimmerman was not a cop, he was neighborhood watch, that means he calls the cops, he does not act on his own. He started the fight and then claims self defense, I do not buy it. I feel he is a loose canon and we will see his name over and over until he does something that gets him a long prison sentence. I am anti-death penalty so I would never go that far. If George wants to play cop then let him become one, but even then he would be their problem child.

I was not speaking of Walter Scott, I was talking about Philando Castille in the execution part. I still feel both incidents were misuse of power and an over use of same power. If Walter fled, take the car and find him later. He did not at time, present a threat to the officer, he was running away. Why shoot him in the back? Whether any of these cases have legal merit is besides the point I am making. It’s sort of a free-for-all taking of a life for minor infractions playing out with a dose of stupidity. None of it should not mean someone loses their life. And I mean the cop as well as the civilian.

I will educate my self on BLM but should say I do believe ALL lives matter and that does include the police. Trigger happy is the term that comes to mind and that can apply to both sides.

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