Photos of American Nazis driving a ‘hate bus’ through the Deep South, following Freedom Riders
Rian Dundon

Once something like Nazism starts it is a stain on humanity for an eternity. In looking at the pictures from so long ago I am stuck by what looks like Army personnel in one. Assuming that some of them might have fought in WWII it becomes more ironic that they may have fought Nazis overseas only to come home to have to do it again. My Dad was a WWII bomber pilot based in England, he spoke little of what he witnessed. He bombed the Polish oil refineries which were strategic for the Germans. While he was not someone who believed in “mixing races” he never treated anyone as anything other than an equal, would have stood up for anyone regardless of race or ethnicity. We lived in a neighborhood with Italian, Germans, Irish, Romanians, Scandanavians, et al.. We also had neighgors who were Catholic, Jewish, Protestant et al. He was just an all around good guy.

What also strikes me about the pictures, along with the new footage from the recent events in Charlottesville is how sad it is that these people who fly the Swastikas and KKK banners live in a world of exclusion and hate. Most of them are young and they so limit their lives when the exclude certain groups of people and hate for no apparent reason. It’s just hate. Hate eats you up, it limits your life, it alienates people who otherwise might be helpful to you. It is a rotting fungus on the soul. It degrades not the person one hates, rather it degrades the hater. It drives the hater in to an ever deepening hole from which there may be no escape. I just find it ultimately sad that some so young choose to hate. It is difficult for me to wrap my brain around. Some of the old guys in the hate groups should be a model for the younger ones, I truly wonder if the younger ones look at the image of the older ones and see themselves, it is not a pretty picture. It is a very sad picture.