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Pence is a liar and a sleaze ball. He has that oily appearance and it is there for a reason. He speaks (and he doesn’t even do that well, he is scripted and herky-jerky with delivery) with some half truths and total lies at all times, but when the rubber hits the road it suddenly comes out that he created this web of confusion and misinformation that literally screws people. He is no different from tRump, he is a conman, pure and simple. He has sculpted hair and is skinnier than tRump but he has the heart and soul of a con man and lives by his own set of rules. You know, his rules benefit folks just like him, white and rich, just a few folks, the rest of us can go to hell. He just tells you to go to hell with a smile on his face and a nicer suit. If he is a christian God help me I do not want to be called one. I see nothing Christian about him.

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