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Play ball! I think Ryan is a lot smarter than tRump thinks. Ryan is passing the buck back to tRump. He is labeling this disaster as a “tRump-care” alternative to the ACA. I have no love for Ryan, I consider him a “player”, a huckster who helps the rich. But think about it, if all who are opposed to the AHCA call it “tRumpcare” then the hens go roost at Cheeto-head’s door, not Ryans. Ryan is simply playing it smart. Cook up this farce of a health care bill and then pass the blame on to the take-no-responsibility-tRump. Saves Ryan and damns tRump. Cagey no? I support this not because I like Ryan but becasue the republicans and tRump slurred and demeaned the ACA just to make it odious to their supporters. Now the tables have turned somewhat and Ryan is playing hard ball. Hands up in the air he is saying “don’t blame me” while he points to tRump. No I do not like what he has done but I have to admit I think he is outplaying tRump. Ryan will let the guy at the top take the bad press, come out clean and go on with business. Maybe it’s time we give Ryan some credit and let him make tRump look like the loser some of us think he is. Ryan will come out standing tall and smiling because he out-played tRump. tRump of course, with Bannon, will concoct some noxious story about Ryan (think recently leaked tape)who at this point seems like he is coated with Teflon. The more desperate tRump and Bannon get the more outlandish and out-of-place they appear. This all might work out well for all of us out here in America-land. Working on Ryan could come second but if tRump and Bannon have black eyes, so to speak, so much the better. Then I will have to thank Paul Ryan for his efforts. Not a pretty picture but if it gets the AHCA off the table, out the door and into the incinerator, I would do it. This politics at it’s dirtiest and best, something that tRump and Bannon only think they are good at. Something tells me Ryan may be better at it.