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Please go back and re-read what I wrote to you. I am not anti-oil, nor did I purport to say it was all big iol’s fault. If I came across that way it was my error. I am however anti-pollution and I do not think that oil companies do enough to ensure that pollution is stopped. Why does it always have to be all vs nothing? We can work out solutions that help, not hurt our environment. I just think the oil companies ought to be at the forefront of that effort. For Pete’s sake they make enough money to provide some research and development toward stopping pollution. Rex Tillerson, again, in it for the money, damned the consequences. Coal is another industry that hurts us in more than one way, want to talk about that? Destruction of the land and mountains, sick miners who die young, pollution. It never ends. And give up on lecturing me, you can write a book but unless you treat me as some one with a brain who can think we are doomed honey. I like to have conversations but draw the line at being preached at. And you can leave my religion out of it, unless of course you want to have a theological debate, I am ordained in a mainline church and have practiced as a chaplin for a while, I am also an RN and practiced that SCIENCE for 43 years. So just give me my due and talk to me as an equal not as someone who has no brain. I find any conversation where some one approaches me as an equal has a much bigger chance of being fruitful. Who knows, we might agree on some things! What a trip that would me. And for information only I don’t fly, I have too much metal in my body from surgeries to get on a plane and have to deal with TSA on the ground. I do get around though, ask anyone who knows me.

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