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Privatize tRump etal. Let them go back to the private sector post haste. Take Ryan, Nunes, Flynn and especially Kushner and Bannon and stamp them with the PRIVATE stamp and let them go. If my government is to to be run like a business then these corrupt, lying, in adequate businessmen will simply run it into the ground. I say give tRump no quarter, hold his feet to the fire, no excuses. He wanted the job he should have boned up and learned it and behaved like he wanted to be president. Too late now, no learning period, and forget relying on Pence who is a poor excuse for a politician and a man. He is no more than a shill.

I was a nurse for 43 years and did a lot of “new” jobs but you better believe when I needed the skills for any job I did I made sure I was ready to be up and running when I needed to be up and running. There was no room for a trial period. When the rubber hit the road I put my foot on the gas and ran things. To fail to do that meant I might lose a patient and that was not going to happen. I always listened to my mentors and talked problems out so that I was prepared to do “whatever”. GEE! Maybe we should apply the principles of healthcare to government at least we would not be discounting the old and sick.

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