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So dear Steve wants Americans to have more babies, or presumably adopt them, but he does not want to provide support for pregnant women via health care, nor would he provide care for the child once it arrived via a vagina or an adoption procedeing. Same old hypocrasy. This is getting old. Why would people in other countries suddenly pop up and say, “I think I will send this child to America, let it be raised by some racist”. He has really screwed up thinking. You notice I say that rather than say he is crazy. I in no way want to associate the mentally ill with some one like him. He has no excuse, he has no pathology. He and those like him are throwbacks who would have us go back in time to Jim Crow and other vile ideologies. Go crawl back in your hole Steve, no one wants to hear it unless they are of a like mind. They can crawl back in the same hole with you. Watch out though, Steve Bannon might crush you on the way down. I all of Iowa is like Steve King we are in deep doodoo.

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