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Someone please name one campaign promise that tRump has kept. Had he promised he would create chaos, sew discontent, break laws, abuse the Constitution, take away our rights and freedoms, no one would have believed him, but he has done all of that and then some. This man is a failure, all he can do is play golf and I am sure he doesn’t cheat at that, after all he owns the courses, he is entitled. He plays at being in office while he uses the office to enrich himself. The big surprise for me is that people are shocked at what he is doing. I find it a shock that they did not see it coming after all — — all you have to do is catch a glimpse of old 
apprentice videos and there it is.

He got what he wanted, now he pulls everything apart for his benefit. This disassembly of our government and the abandonning of the American people leaves me wondering what the hell do we need him for? If the rest of us are extraneous then he is too. So dump the SOB and make him extraneous.

tRump does not represent Christians, the idea is laughable, and the religious right can hold on to him as hard and fast as they’d like, but then I see a hugely big chasm between Christians and the religious right. Say what you want but those on the religious right are using an evil, debased person to achieve their goals, that is NOT a Christian value and it is now impacting persecuted Christians, along with Muslims, Jews and lots of others that Jesus would have said need protection. It is my belief that Jesus would have set an example by standing between ANY person being persecuted and those doing the persecuting.

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