In 25 seconds, Mitch McConnell reveals everything wrong with Trumpcare
Aaron Rupar

special deals” meant to make it palatable for conservative Republicans who, as an article of faith, object to any redistribution of wealth.

OK Aaron, this is patently false. Republicans do believe as an article of faith in a redistribution of wealth. The big caveat is that all of the redistribution has to go the them, the GOP, the big dogs(for now). As long as the money is flowing their way it is acceptable. When it starts flowing out and away from them that’s when things get hinky. As of now they are furiously redistributing right to their own pockets. How long this will go on seems dependent on how fast the American public wakes up and says NO. My hope for that part waxes and wanes. Right now it is in a big wane. The GOP is nothing more than a bunch of money and power grabbers. They long ago abandoned any service to the American people in favor of monetary gain.

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