Republicans Are Only Good As An Opposition Party For When The Ball Is In Their Court They Bungle…
James M. Ridgway, Jr.

Take away the health care provided for Congress and the Senate and let them flounder on their own to find coverage. Then deny them or hike up their bill. Treat them as they are treating the American people. Why should they have coverage when they take it away from others. Why to they enjoy immunity from lack of coverage. What is good for the goose, got to be done to the gander.

They purport that the ACA is a failure, a disaster, listen to mealy-mouth Pence. I have a low opinion of Pence so that colors my picture darkly. He can’t have an original thought, he has to try to remember what lies and crap he was told to say. It’s so bad that he cannot even say it with conviction, one sign he has no idea what he is talking about. Medicaid and PP are to be eliminated. These are the programs that have given hope and coverage to millions. They cannot be all that much of a disaster or failure. Why is it instead of looking at the successes of these programs they only look at the problems. In my opinion the successes far outweigh the failures by miles. Fine tune it maybe but KEEP it, all of it.

These republicans are not looking out for the welfare of Americans, they are looking out for the corporations and business that profit from our wallets. The very same corporations and businesses that pad their re-election coffers. While there may be a few republicans that see the folly in what the majority are pushing I fear the tide will not turn and the rich will get their tax breaks and profits and we as a people will get nothing or less.

Welcome to government by big business. Or should I say by crooked business.

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