The “More-ness” of Privilege
Joel Leon.

These people you talk about, asserting privilege, I call it greed. Yes entitlement but at the root pure greed. Evil, all consuming greed. I ask myself if I was blessed with money, what would I need to be happy. My answer is smaller than what most would say as I see no need to continue to clamor after the dollar but be happy and peaceful with what I have. Does a million make you rich or do you need 10 million, a billion? How much satisfies people like tRump, De Vos? My feeling is that they have sort of a dystopic view of money and power. One that money gives them power they really do not have (theydo use it to get power) and that more money gives them more of it. My sense is that the billions works no better than a well earned, regular paycheck spent wisely. But then I am happy with simple things and good friends. I see no need to scheme and finagle, cheat and lie to get more. It is not worth it to me, not on the basis of wealth OR race. I sort of see race on the same plain. Call me out if you think I am wrong, I am still thinking this out. It never hurt me to help some one get a leg up, I never cared if someone in line got something before me. There have been times I helped them get it before me. It’s a marathon not a sprint. The idea is to help the guy behind you get to the finish line not beat the hell out of him and show him up to prove you are better. The key is you are not better you are the same. I do think we are judged by some force in the universe as to how we treat others and how we act. It also goes along with what your momma taught, SHARE.

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