229 House Republicans just voted to keep Trump’s tax returns secret
Judd Legum

Things that tRump and others have done in secret will come to light. Maybe later but they will be revealed and then all these republicans will be shown to be exactly what they are, liars, cheats and manipulators. If things in DC and the rest of the country are not done with transparency and honesty then the American people are being conned and cheated. So go look at your republican representative, stare at their face because it is the face of a con. The absence of check and balances will cheat Americans out of an honest government that runs in their favor.

tRump is hiding things, taxes, relationships with Putin and Russia, he is also ilegally running his businesses from the White House and benefiting from using his businesses to reel in deals from foreign countries who may or may not be hostile to us. Humpty Trumpty is the bigges danger we face, not terrorism, not immigrants, it is him and his minions running us into the ground. American has a strong military, we don’t need massive military spending at the expense of every taxpayer.

I wonder when the people who voted for him face no services, no social security, no medicare, no agency to call to help them when they have problems will realize how big of a mistake they made. I am sure they will deflect blame to someone else instead of putting it on the gold plated, ego maniac they put in office. If we ever needed to get rid of the electoral college it is now, so they can never do this to us again. He has NO mandate, never did. He was not elected to office, the electoral college put him in office. It is wrong, wrong, wrong. Never will accept this buffoon as president.

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