Hell in a Bucket
Dave Pell

This is just my humble opinion but tRump seems to fit the role and function of a “godfather”. He has his hench people (Conway, Omarosa), His “hitmen” (the bodyguard, Bannon) who do his bidding and numerous other minions that will do whateve he says without thinking about the consequences or implications( another issue impacting our country). I can easily see him asking for money in tribute (his hotels would qualify for that too) just to get in to the oval office. Besides the minions do not seem to be able to get a leash and muzzle on tRump so they may not be all that beneficial.

Now I want to be clear that I am not smearing or maligning any godfather that might be out there. I will give the godfathers their props, after all they are a force in our society and I would never give them a bad name. So the comparison is not intended to hurt the feelings of any godfather that might be paying attention. The obvious difference is that they do not sit in the White House. They have their turf and they stick to it, I’m fine with that. And yet to have a thuggish, bully in the White House putting out contracts on people (Comey) and “eliminating” them is just not somthing I ever expected to see. I also have a tremendous difficulty in swallowing what tRump is doing.

Beyond that, if this is a protrayal of “modern day” business theory and process let me not do business with anyone like tRump. In fact I do not know why anyone would do business with him. You would need a shower and delousing afterwards, it might even involve hazardous waste. All this and I have not even touched on the seemingly cozy relationship he has with white supremacists and hate groups. So let me stop here. And to all the godfathers out there, keep up the good work! You in no way need to be concerned that you are being lumped in with tRump, your reps are safe.

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