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This whole “regime” of tRumps is built on a pile of lies and fabrications. Sean Spicer is taking the lead in perpetuating that pile. By the time they finish with the pile we will not know what to believe. And now tRump is eradicating the transparency of OUR government by telling government employees they cannot communicate with the outside world. Who does this serve? Only tRump. I back John Lewis, tRump is illegitimate, illegal, immoral. I just cannot think of enough bad things to say about him. He sites fake news? Well Donnie you got fake money, fake hair, fake tan, heaven only knows what else you got that is fake. I have no respect for tRump, Spicer, Bannon, Priebus, Tillerson, De Vos, etalia. They can make their sham government and act like they know what they are doing, in the process they ruin MY country and bankrupt it to boot. I will not see my tax dollars go for a wall. Let Cheeto-bandito, AKA tRump, pay for the wall with his own money but not mine. WE have a mad man in the White House and a bunch of self-serving honchos running around trying to please him. Some one wake me up it’s only a nightmare! Please tell me it’s a nightmare. I always said he was blasting us back to the 1960’s but now I think maybe I was wrong, it’s 1938 and something is metaphorically rumbling towards Poland. This man will do so much damage we may never get past it.

I will support, whole heartedly, any news organization that reports the news not the Trump version of what he wants us to believe. If there is no honest and direct reporting of the news then it is time my friends to take action, I mean legal action to assure that we do have honest and direct reporting on what the hell this man is doing. If we do not we will earn the government that we get. I respect Jake Tapper for firing back about the illegal voting and demanding evidence. I will support people like Tapper who I believe get the truth out and challenge those who are hiding facts, real facts. I still want to see Trump’s tax return and since he will dismantle the truth and information act of the government we may never see them. So someone in the media call him out on it over and over ad nauseum. Make him angry, he’ll just get more orange in the face, I personally do not care if he gets angry. Let him have his temper tantrums. He needs to grow up and be a big boy, he is in a big boy job. WE have a right to know what is in his taxes. If he won’t show them then I make the assumption he is hiding something and it more than likely is not anything positive he is hiding. Time to man up Donnie.

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