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This will sound bad, really bad, uncouth even. Let me hasten to say I do not ordinarily communicate this way but these are trying times. The GOP has had a collective hard-on for the ACA and Planned Parenthood for over 8 years. They are blind and irrational because it has taken them this long to get to both of those things and now that they are close to closing the deal they are so flummoxed that they cannot perform. Performance anxiety at it’s worst. I am not prepared to tell them how to help themselves other than to say forcing themselves to perform may not give them positive results. Some times you just have to step back, sleep on things, figure a way to do it right for it to work. It’s called being patient and staying focussed. Be cool, slow down and give yourself over to the moment.

They are not cool, they are not even close. And they are driving the train so hard it may explode and take them with it. The way I see it everyone of them who votes for this AHCA bill will have a scarlet AHCA stamped on their foreheads especially when the results of it hits the people they represent. After all at every town hall they were told how folks felt and it was not positive. Some of them were scared to even go to the meetings. When those folks(us common folk out here outside of GOP Lala land)get stung with the crap they are peddling the you-know-what will hit the proverbial fan. Folks are going to be angry. At that point I think the GOP representatives will have more than a few problems at their town hall meetings in their home districts. If they can even hold a town hall.

I deeply apologize for being uncouth, it just seemed the best way to relate the entire issue. And I stand by my diagnosis of the issue.

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