Trump Instructs Family To Lie Under Oath By Holding Hand An Inch Over Bible
Allan Ishac

tRump never had any intention of upholding any oath he would take. My feeling is they should have skipped that part and just let him loose, why make him adhere to something he cannot grasp — — the truth. That was a rhetorical comment.

We all knew then and firmly know now, he has no interest in the truth nor does he uphold anything other than himself. What baffles me is that he expects and demands loyalty and truth from those around him. But making him take an oath like the one pictured simply adds to his already list of sins. Why bother? The list is so long now adding to it is sort of oxymoronic.

For me, I do not believe a word out of his mouth. I do not discount him as he can do much damage (he already has) so I keep my eyes and ears open for the next big whopper coming down the pike from him, he rarely disappoints on that score.

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