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tRump’s promises and actions are proof positive that he is good at spending everyone’s else’s money, not his own. If he even has any. WHEN ARE ALL THE FISCIALLY CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICANS GOING TO STOP HIM? They will let him spend all our money on flying to Florida and golf but cut programs for poor people. Well now we have the evidence that they lie too.They are not fiscially conservative they just have different criteria for spending money than the rest of us. By the way, let him stay in Florida, they like him down there. May be if they have to keep him they won’t like him either.

Now we have proof. His job is Chief-golf-player, Chief-liar, Chief screw-ball and Chief cheater. He has done nothing but play golf and rant. Oh wait Steve Bannon is running the show while he is out pontificating, playing golf and running his mouth. Rest assured our country is safe in the hands of Mr. Bannon(barf). I think tRump has given away more expensive pens from all his signings than Cross pen company has. But wait — — he is supporting business by giving out all those pens.

Over all I would have to say maybe we should let this whole charade continue as it makes the republicans look really bad and like they are throwing away money while strapping any government program that helps people with in reach. I sure will not vote for one and will work like hell to get them out of office. Got two in my state I will work against.

Make America great again, play golf!

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