Not sure where I am labeled as seeing the world in a less positive way.

Well I never said you were less positive. You and I have differing opinions. Does not make you wrong and me right, and vice/versa. In fact I am one that strives to find common ground, you know, find one thing that I can agree with some one about and latch on to that and then talk. Owing respect of course to differences as long as the other person does not demean, deface, belittle or defame. So on some things you and I might agree, the president and this administration is obviously not one of those things.

I too believe that this will pass, my big concern is the damage it will do to us as a country in the meantime. Wow, there is a word for the ages “mean time”. If the exclusion and mistreatment of the poor, the LGBTQ people, women, refugees, brown and black people,the sick and sicker of us, then I guess you are OK with what he is doing. I am not. Yes it will pass but we will be digging ourselves out of a very big hole and will reap the damage done to our reputation with our allies and those that look to us to take the moral high ground instead of stepping on people and other nations. Not to mention the stunning effect that some of the proposed legislation will have on the citizen of this country. Things like health care, social security, medicare, medicare, education, financial security. In my opinion, Mr. Ryan is a dangerous ideolog who flogs the Ayn Rand stuff way too much and will condemn us to a nation that lets people die rather than help them. I am not sure if Pence knows what he believes but he is a “clean up” man for the president.

If you are “older and wiser” you may/may not, use social security and medicare. They are safety nets upon which many rely. They were invented and perpetuated to keep people safe when they could no longer work. They will not make anyone rich but they will keep people safe at a minimum level. Why would anyone want to eliminate these programs? Well, all of the folks in DC are rich, they want to be richer at our expense. Despite his promise to drain the swamp tRump has restocked the swamp with all the crocs, alligators and snakes that caused the financial crisis in this country. And now we will have more of the same thing. It is greed run rampant. If you think they really care about the common man then dream on, I labor under no such delusion. As I said I am some one who is proactive, I am a realist. Have been hit in the face with reality enough to know when to watch for it and beat it before it beats me. Even if I can’t beat it, I will do what ever I have to do to lessen it’s impact. Hope you are in a place to do the same.

Besides I see the current administration as the primary group attempting to shut down dialogue especially with their demeaning of the press and media. We as a people need the “press” in order to counter any attemps to do a run-around of the Constitution. Would say the same thing about the judges. I support all those pesky judges out there who are working overtime to keep things in line. And I applaud them for their ability to maintain their professionalism against some of the abusive comments made about them.

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