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Well MY personal opinion is that Rodney should lose his job, and if I lived in that district I would make that my goal. I do think since he took it upon himself to “report” the lady’s progressive agenda that some one needs to point out his “conservative RE-gressive agenda” like the one that takes health care away from people. That of course is only one example among many that could prove to be a job loser to dear Rodney. I hope Ms Avelenda continues her progressive activities and since she quit her job Rodney can’t stifle her right to freedom of speech any more. I hope she is as loud mouthed and “in-your-face” towards him as he was subversive and abusive to her. He over stepped his boundries by miles. He is not the thought police and needs to let people participate in the political activites of their choosing as long as it is not done on company time. Other wise he needs to stay the “f — K” out of people’s business.

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