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Well now I know I am a THUG. I am 68, retired and active. I will get in dear Dana’s figurative face all I want. I do not live in his district but I am doing just that where I live. I may not walk well but I can write, organize and speak. AND I WILL. How dare he disparage voters trying to voice their opinions, I think he needs to get used to it, fast. Sure women especially were not politically active in the past but this is a new era. When we are faced with this junk about taking away our rights, demeaning behavior, refusing to talk to us, then we have Constitutional rights that we can exercise. If he doesn’t like it maybe HE needs to get a different job. Hey Dana, you can go work for Puzder at Carl’s JR. and make minimum wage without benefits! Go for it. You may not have a future in politics. Geez these republicans really rile me up. I support those women 100%.