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Well the bankers and unscrupulous finance people already have their fangs out waiting to strike at those who may not know the risks of investing. I have an advisor I have known for over 20 years and have never had an issue. I am fortunate that I have some one who actually has ethics. He also works for a company that pays him, he does not get rewarded for the products he sells. He warned me early on about banks and investing firms that sell “product” and how it affects the investors. Staying away from those entities takes away the motive to bilk people out of their hard won money. I believe that there is a special place in hell for people who steal from unsuspecting investors but we all want them to get their just due here and now.

What else would one expect when you have a FRAUD at the head of things. tRumpwill support, defend and encourage FRAUD. He is using his office to make deals and enhance is businesses and the republicans are letting him do it. It is illegal and no one is challenging what he is doing. All of the work that was done to clean it up is for naught now. I guess the only thing that can be done is for agencies like AARP to educate people on what not to do with their money as the legs will have been swept away from the agency that is supposed protect them. Maybe like the list of companies to boycott who carry “Tump Stuff” we need a list of shady investment companies and banks who have a history of cheating people. Put the list out there for everyone to see so they know what they are getting into when the walk through the door. Name names and give out addresses of people who misguide investors. Make it a public shaming. The other choice is to let people like those who are currently in jail continue to cheat people out of their money ( think one named Bernie M.)

This really should surprise no one, the republicans are still living in the “trickle down” theory LaLa Land. They persist in the financial fantasy that if business do well the rest of us will too. People are somehow mesmerized by this hocum and buy into it when it has been proven to be a lie and a sham. But I like many others scratch my head and say “when will they learn’? What does it take, how bad do things have to get before you wake up and realize the people you are voting into office are not acting in your best interest? Right now, today, the republican government in DC is acting only on it’s own behalf. You have rich men, propping up rich men so they can get richer. They collude with each other so they can discover how to get a little more money so they can amass a bigger fortune and they do it on the backs of the voters. Ask your self how many millions of dollars would I need to live a decent life? I don’t think the answer is multiples of millions. You can do pretty good with one or two. Who put these money men in office? Who is giving the banks a free ride? Not me. I know who I vote for and it’s people who have ethics.

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