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Well the young republicans are just following in the footsteps of their elders and it would seem they are learning the lessons well. They have the idea that all of us pay taxes for the benefit of only a few, mostly rich folks. Working people do not count for anything in the republican view other than to further enrich the already rich. The one who dies with the most money wins! Except there is that last, sticky loophole, something about “you can’t take it with you”. Of course the young republicans are just looking out for #1, themselves. If they start early they ensure that their quest for the buck gets a head start. Forget actually working for it, take some one else’s money, so much more gratifying.

Part of me hopes they had one of a few reactions to the smoked meat. 1- maybe they choked on it, 2-could be they got the squirts from it, 3-at least a real good case of indigestion. Come on, anyone knows really good “q” does not come out of a bunch of republicans at Yale. Not a rich man’s product, not if you want quality.

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