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What I consider the the biggest “social experiment” of my life time, integration, was done in the military and it worked. It was very bumpy and I am sure uncomfortable for many on both sides, no doubt more for the African-Americans who faced threats for years before and after the services were integrated. But it worked and it held and became a model for society. While I was in the service I saw little discrimination based on race. It may be it was just not evident to me. Now, discrimination based on sex(male/female) was something I saw, as many felt a female could not do a leadership job as well as a man. Even some of the women felt that way. I was fortunate in that I had some very good COs who put their faith in me and I did well. Never missed a promotion, always did the job. Besides, being Trans or gay or lesbian is not a social experiment. These a functioning human beings who deserve better.

What upsets me terribly is that we are going backwards in all aspects of equal rights be it male/female,LGBTQ, race, ethnicity or anything else. tRump has entered us into a realm of retroactivity that knows no bounds. He panders to a very narrow group who want to see all progress not just stopped but obliterated. I got news for them, it won’t happen and can’t happen. The genii is out of the bottle and despite all his efforts probably won’t even get close to the neck of the bottle. He is fighting a war he cannot win and wasting the time of every American by trying.

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