Writer Gets In Shape For Another Year Of Savage Political Satire, 7-Days-A-Week
Allan Ishac

Will love hearing about “sir Sissypants”, that has got to be one of my new favorite tRump-splaining phrases. All I can say Allan — — keep it coming, I will keep reading. It’s not like there is a dearth of stuff to write about Humpty-tRumpty. It is a fertile (pronounced fur-tile) field of material. He is like his own compost heap of — — well you know.

My one idea if I were running the show would be to solicit from readers all the new and unique fabricated names for der Punkinfurher (I hate to give pumpkins a negative image). We all have come up with some real zingers but need to keep it going. Some folks have come up with some really good ones. I’d say “Sir Sissypants” is the best start ever for 2018, you must have been holding on to that one . tRump can certainly talk the talk, we all know he cannot walk it. Except of course that thing he related (some nonesense) that was his “own private Viet Nam”, some sort of STD or crud that would not wash off. I say it’s time to make him walk it. You write it I read it, and laugh. I have a good deal here.

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