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You believe what you want to believe. Put your faith in Exxon if you please. I will follow the evidence I see about pollution, a changing climate, and the undeniable evidence of the fouled air and water which are essential to our survival. I am not anti-oil but I do believe they have become too big and powerful. I drive an efficient car(34–39 MPG)and walk all I can rather than drive which has become increasingly difficult for me to do due to physical constraints. Look at pictures in China of days when smog hangs over the surface of the earth, then look at LA on any day. I am not rabid about Exxon exclusively, or any other oil company but they have to take up the banner of climate reform in order to convince me they are on the side of those of us who want to breathe clean air and dtrink clean water. I am very skeptical of the oil organizations across the board. Let’s be real, Mr. Tillerson was not in the business to clean up anything, he was in it for the money. All of the oil companies are in it for the money and any and all of them will pollute our air, water and land if it serves them. What do you think is happening in South Dakota? It’s not just about sacred Native American Lands, it’s also about keeping lands pristine and unmarked. Although I heartedly support the Native American’s cause I also support wise use of resources(all of them) and I abhor the contamination of our climate and the earth.