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You got to be a real low life to go after dead people. It’s just so elemental that some “genius” rebel goes to a cemetary to wreak havoc. No class, no brains, just stupid and vile. They cannot confront anyone in a meaningful, direct manner instead they defile the dead. Just like the bomb threats. They threaten little kids and schools, old people in nursing homes and those that attend programs in community centers. They are gutless, soul-less, ingrates who have no understanding of what it means to be an American. In my opinion they are the most un-American along with Cheeto-Bandito in DC. In my country you respect differences and allow people to believe as they choose. You do not demean or ridicule others, there is no destroying other people’s property especially graves and schools. You let everyone practice their faith according to their principles as long as it does not hurt anyone. People(and I use that word loosely here) who do this sort of thing have no courage, no morality. They are a lot like some of the terror groups who plague us, they just do not have the courage to step into the light.

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