Here’s what little I know about the enigmatic Carter Page…
Steve McGrath

You seem to have a handle on Mr. Page. Thanks for the explanation.

Here is my take on the whole thing. It could be coincidence, just a fluke that there appears to be a fuzzy connenction between tRump and Page. Nothing to worry about except that DJT’s behavior in the past is a portent of future behavior. He is a dealer, something that he could not change if he wanted to. It is what it is. I view him as a con man who will put the “deal” before anything else. In business not a bad trait and one that could accomplish much. While I do not ascribe to that business philosophy, I do “get it. I do not believe that tRump has that much business accumen. I think he has “gotten by” on many accounts and in reality is not as successful as he seems. Ponzi scheme comes to mind but I am not big in finance and will not go into parsing big business deals. I think tRump slick and foxy, always with an eye peeled toward making money and little else. All qualities which I find very un-presidential when he has but one sole aim, to benefit himself to the detriment (read screw)of anyone else. He may have a cursory, passing knowledge and realtionship with someone like Page but who really knows? Shady dealings in one realm does not mean that it stops there. It becomes mostly impossible for a personality like tRump to “turn off” that trait and suddenly become the straight shooting, upright, fair dealing “presidendtial” personna. Rather it means that more than likely the con artist continues because that is what has worked for him before, so it rolls on and on, it is a never ending continuum. In a few words, the snake sheds a skin, he is still a snake.

My hope is that there is an investigation, if nothing is found then so be it. But the American people are owed that all important transparency and openness. If there is no move to investigate it deepens the suspiscion, the mistrust, the idea that there is “something” hanging out there that is incriminating. I strongly feel that we can not afford to turn a blind eye and smooth things over. In essence the scab needs to be ripped off so we can see the wound. Had that been done early in the Nixon debacle it might not have been so traumatic. NO need for a repeat performance of that whole miserable time, even with new players. tRump ignores history and procedure to his peril. He cannot connect history to reality, something that might not interfere with business but in his current postion it most definitely could under cut who and what he is. The ultimate problem with that is “we the people” wind up the losers, cleaning up yet another mess created by the likes of him. He will step over any mess and keep on going. He will not feel a thing.

I really believe that Comey took a hit, tRump felt he had to eliminate him. All tRump does well is fire people, that and coat things with gold paint. Personally I find it repugnant and a very bad way to do business unless someone is stealing from you or running the place into the ground. I do not think Comey did either of those things. When one behaves like tRump behaved you make enemies and wind up setting off alarms far and wide in the hearts and minds of many clear thinking, rational people. Those people then become hypervigilant and wary. They have warning bells going off all over the place and start looking for other stuff that can be even more cataclysmac. My thought is that this cascade of alarm bells and fallout from them has started. People are very prepared to pounce, hard. The obvious problem with this whole scenario is that it could swing too far the other way. Big risk that should be avoided but then tRump pushes the envelope all the time, it works in business, why should it not work for him now? And it may work for him but to whose detriment?

I am sure you understand I have little use or respect for tRump. I would like him to just go away. Let him go play golf and putser around Russia or where ever. I do not care if he is prosecuted, don’t care if he is in jail or out of it. I think him bad for our country and our world, very, very bad. I think in the scheme of things he and his ilk will damage this country in many ways and WE will suffer for it.

His action in regards to Comey, Yates, and any others can be rationalized, explained and smoothed over. The fact remains that in order to run a government and move a ship of state forward in a positive manner, you have to make peace, even with your enemies, and provide a level field where government does it’s primary purpose, take care of it’s constituents. I think Mr. tRump incapable of doing that task as eveidenced by his behavior AND his suspicious links to people like Carter Page. Until it is adequately uncovered and explained the alarm bells , get louder and more frequent. The bells continue and the suspicions grow, exponentially.

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