Linda, I have no idea whether you are intelligent or not.

You still make assumptions about me based only on what is ‘Written”. You take in to no account history nor profession, heart nor soul. All of which go into ethics. It is not pure logic. You may think it is but it is not. Besides what I “claim” about an issue as you so put it, cannot be wrong be cause it is my opinion based on what I see, think, hear and have knowldege of. It also involves much weighing of thought and regardless of your opionion I weigh things heavily. I also trust my gut. If it does not feel right then it ain’t right. That particular portion of my anatomy, my gut, is rarely wrong. And I do mean rarely. I practiced a profession that relied on that “gut” when all evidence might have been suspect or confusing, the gut was always right. I always made the right decision based on my gut, to do othere wise would have jeopardized someone’s life and ethically I could not do that. I trust if your very life depended on my gut to save you that would be OK? Not everything in life can be reduced to pure evidence, although evidence is an working part of the equation.

I see no reason for you to set yourself up as judge and jury about what I think, feel or decide about an issue. You are not the thought and ethics police. I still have a mind and I use it, along with my gut. I also have a soul and compassion. I try hard to look at things from different perspectives. Despite your proclamation that I am “wrong about that one” you do not change my mind because you are not creating a forum for discourse with me you yourself are “condemning” me the same way you claim I condemn in that instance. Are you a teacher or something? Have I looked at the tapes? Back off, that is all I can say. Don’t get fixated on me and my opinions because I will not ever stop asserting my opinions whether you like them, agree with them, decide I am full of hogwash, or I am in your view wrong. There is much thought and evidence that goes into my opinions and I do not speak or write without having processed my thoughts and feelings along with my gut feelings. Something can seem so right and so clear on the surface and twist my gut to the max. It just means something is not right, and I have to search my heart, my brain, my soul and everything around me so that I am comfortable with the balance of what “SEEMS” clear and right. There are times that clearness and sense of right becomes very muddy and wrong. If I do view the tapes, I will do it on my time and make my own conclusions. Again not all evidence and factors are allowed in a court room that alone speaks volumes.