Sleep Enemies — Simple Treasures® For a Good Night’s Sleep Part 2 of 2

In Part 1 of this series I reviewed 55 ways you can get better sleep. This is an area of deep interest for me because getting a good night’s sleep is among the most important, yet one of the hardest things to accomplish every day. According to the National Sleep Foundation many of have trouble sleeping and most Americans experience sleep problems of one type or another.

There a variety of reasons why. In this blog I review 16 common “sleep enemies.”

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Many of these activities have been konw to cause sleep problems:

  1. Erratic sleeping schedule
  2. Medicines
  3. Caffeinated beverages or food
  4. Alcohol too close to bedtime
  5. Hunger
  6. Heavy meals before bedtime
  7. Too cold or too warm — temperatures outside range of 65–75 degrees F
  8. Health problems / Pain / Allergies
  9. Bright lights from phones, laptops and other electronic equipment
  10. Human or animal activity — noise from scratching, snoring and/or movement
  11. Uncomfortable bed or bedding
  12. Lack of sunshine
  13. Room’s not dark enough
  14. Too many liquids
  15. Nicotine
  16. Stressful thoughts

* NOTE: Please consult your doctor or medical professional before trying these approaches, especially if your insomnia persists.

Keep these in mind as you get ready to sleep tonight. Take charge of these enemies and get some sleep…

Wishing you much success and a good night’s rest!

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