And Trump’s supporters either won’t care or believe it as long as he keeps telling them how he is…
Chaz Rita

I am a Natural Born Citizen of this Country, I’m not Republican or Democrat, my parents were die hard democrats, they’re both gone now, but were they alive today, they would not be democrats…the new democratic party is evil and does not care about the people of this Country, and don’t say you do, I have watched and seen the very foul bowels of Satan, in all your actions and words, hateful, disgusting words!..Not words that an honest, good , hardworking American would say!!..never seen much disrespect for woman as the crap that comes out of a demoncrats mouth!!

You people should be ashamed!..and if your not, than Demoncrat never looked so good on you!!…may the Lord save your Souls!!

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