The Red Pill: Day 2: Black Folks, It’s Not About What We Don’t Want. It’s About What We Do Want.

Passenger Behind Me On The Back Of The Bus

Passenger behind me on the bus

First I read this:

To which I said this:

This is seriously good. It has stayed with me for days. Every line every thought is exact and real. It perfectly captures the regime in which we live and truly powerful that you thought outside your own existence enough to witness the backdrop. Love it. Makes me make sense.

Then I saw these:

To which I said:

I remember these times. Lovely to see them. Seriously cool.

Then I thought: what would I think if I did not know about slavery? Pondered it for days. What would I be if I didn’t have that security blanket? I know you hate me now. Who would I be if I wasn’t swathed in my perception of me by the perception I think the world holds of me? Then I remembered a time when it was absolutely cool to be black. When afros were the thing. When the Jackson Five had wobbly legs in a cartoon.

And then I put that in my mind with The Secret. Buy The Secret. We don’t need to be defined by what they think of us. Or we think of ourselves. We can define ourselves. We just have to do some serious work. Some walking away from the negative. Some walking towards the positive. Buy The Secret. Share The Secret. What would we be, I be, you be? Because while we keep defining ourselves by what they see, they did, they do, we are still enslaved.

We keep attracting more of the same.

Originally published at on September 23, 2016.

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