Linda Caroll
Mar 25 · 1 min read

At most major corporations, workers would have to labor over 300 years to earn as much as their CEO is paid in one year. At McDonald’s, a typical worker would have to work 3,101 years to earn what the CEO earns in one year.

The problem is greed. If there was not just a min. wage, but a maximum — and if the min. and max. wage were a percentage, such as the CEO may not earn more than X% of the lowest paid wage, there would not be 75% of people struggling.

Of course, the only way that would happen would be to elect people who believe we all have equal value. The world will implode before enough people could understand that concept.

We seem to like the idea of deserving, because even though most of us will never be in the top 1%, our consolation is that there’s people with less and that makes us “more deserving” than those people. *sigh*

Linda Caroll

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