Here’s how I see it. All sexual harassment is bad. Period. And it is way too early in the long-needed discussion over sexual harassment to start splitting hairs about what it is, and what it isn’t.
It’s Way Too Soon To Be Splitting Hairs On Sexual Harassment
Micheline Maynard

I think it’s a mistake to look at the “degree” of harassment. ie; Did he rape her? Or just grab? What did he grab? Boob or butt? That leads to the “splitting hairs” you refer to.

Sexual harassment of any sort is not about sex in the first place. It’s about power dynamics.

When you start looking at the power dynamic, it shows everywhere. It’s why women still don’t have wage parity. It’s why woman do not have equal rights in the eyes of the law.

Weinstein is among the most heinous only because of the sheer power he held. But if we stop looking at degrees of assault and start looking at the male/female power dynamic, perhaps we’ll be having a conversation that has the power to go somewhere good.

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