Linda Caroll
Feb 14 · 1 min read

Nope, they sure can’t. Because they love their kids and their spouses until they get divorced, anyway. Westernized society builds “us vs them” divides and we love to look down on people who have less and think we’re better than them, somehow. Or worse, that they ‘deserved’ what they got.

We think people are above animals somehow, and forget that we’re all animals. Many species — but all animals. As Jiminy Cricket said in the childhood cartoons, we are “human animals.”

Despite that we think we’re above animals, we act like it’s a dog eat dog world. We love our inner circle and everyone else can just fend for themselves. Like there’s not enough for everyone, despite that there is — or would be if not for rampant greed. Snowy is adorable.

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