The “enthusiastic consumer” is the most valuable asset in business.
John Beans

Omg, yes! You totally GET it. When businesses struggle, it’s always failure of the ability to see possibilities. Do you know how happy I would be to give Medium a cut of profits on my SEO program if they would promote it on MY posts? Man, they don’t even have to paste that puppy anywhere else.

Know what else? Sponsored posts that are transparent and carry authority. Do you know how happy I would be to read software reviews written by Quincy Larson? Not because of his audience size but because of the experience he brings to the table.

The hidden/secret sponsored posts were an abomination, not because they were sponsored but because of how they were done.

But you’re SPOT ON. The enthusiastic consumer is the most valuable asset and most businesses are only too happy to ignore them and ask the board of directors for feedback. And I’m coming at this from a place of 21 years of growth consulting. Man, the stories I could tell you!!

Thanks so much for what you added here, I really enjoyed your reply!