We had an understanding that what happens in the twilight of intoxication stays there. An American covenant handed down from generation to generation of men. A beer-fueled stupor is one of the only safe spaces men allow themselves
This Is How Men Forget Women
John DeVore

This is a really well written piece and I clapped a lot — but this part? I call bullshit. A beer-fueled stupor is not one of the “only” safe spaces men allow themselves. Men have safe spaces everywhere they damn well go.

You can walk down the street and not worry about getting raped. You can leave a bar alone and not worry about getting to your car safely. Everywhere you go is a safe space.

If you drive drunk and kill someone, that’s not a safe space and neither should what drunk men do to women be a safe space.

Men who think being drunk is a safe space need to grow the hell up.