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The 5-Million-Views Mindset
Nabeel Azeez

Why are we so stingy with hearts?

Instead of thinking of a way to implement something from this post, I’d like to add an observation from it.

Did you notice the ratio of reads to hearts? — 1.5%

Nevermind views — let’s look at reads. 2,269,158 people made it all the way to the bottom of that article.34,188 clicked the heart.

Know what that tells me?

What people read and what they share aren’t always the same…

A while ago, I wrote about how low the ❤ rate is here. Ticked a lot of people off. A lot of people agreed, too.

Some of the ticked off people gave me the best insights. Apparently, it seems that we don’t always want our “followers” to know what we’re reading.

Most often, people didn’t want others to know their political leanings. I won’t speculate on why. :)

Makes me wonder if “success” articles are some weird kind of word porn. 
ie; People want to consume it, but don’t want anyone to know...

Because — seriously — 1.5% of the people that made it to the bottom clicked the ❤?? What’s up with that?

So here’s what I’m going to do after reading this…

I’m fascinated by behavior and the study of response. It’s kind of what I do.
So, I’m going to go through my stories and separate out by topic to see if I can find any correlation between topic and ❤-rate.

I’ll post what I find. (if you’re interested, follow me so you can see it…)

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