On my old feed, with the 8 or so topics across the top that were being continually added to, curated in real time, I could spend hours on Medium and never get bored. I LOVED THAT EXPERIENCE. Now that you limit me to three editions a day, instead of a continuous feed, and to a handful of stories in each section I follow, I drift away bored after 10 or 20 minutes. Seriously, you are training me as a reader to spend less and less time on your website. When you say things like you don’t want Medium to be an endless feed readers feel they have to scroll through, it makes me think you don’t really understand your readers or what made Medium so important to us before the changes.
Thank you for responding to this story.
Jack Preston King

Yup. That’s why I turned off the new home page in my settings and went back to the old feed. The new homepage made me lose interest. First I stopped reading. Then I stopped writing. SO I went back to the old feed. All the stuff you said — I second that!!