Why I’m Absolutely an Angry Black Woman
Dominique Matti

I just wanted to say something about this. No matter how crazy this world is we are NOT victims we DO have a voice! We can speak out! It may not be heard or taken serious when we first speak out but we can not just sit and be angry. We have to yell to the roof tops! Sure people will say why is she yelling and ranting about an injustice! Because she is a proud black woman or man that knows we live in a time when we can speak and not only speak but SPEAK OUT! We are no longer enslaved and we owe it to the men and women who were beaten and could not speak out. Could not flee from the injustice! We owe it to them to speak and speak and speak until we are no longer on this planet. We owe it to them to not just get angry but to SPEAK on it! We owe it to them to do whatever we can to right any wrong that we can right and not just let it go because we can not solve it. We can shine a light on it! We are not a victim we are born from SURVIVORS!!! We have to know that if it was not for these SURVIVORS we would still be in slavery. If it was not for these survivors we would still be sitting on the back of the bus drinking out of a For Colored fountain. We would not have the jobs we have the education we have! I am 67 we marched we went to jail we spoke out! We still have a fight we are waiting for the generation now to step forward and continue this fight. Teach your children to fight injustice and use their VOICE! It is there for a reason not to complain but to say “I am mad as hell and I refuse to take it anymore!” I am a proud African American woman. I love my race and my people because they are a strong race. A proud race. We are intelligent! We are a beautiful array of colors as trees in autumn! We are and will forever be a SURVIVOR!!!!!