I’m a Woman in Tech and I’m Available

This week I, along with the company I work for, made a very difficult decision.

It was time to part ways.

It was the right time on both sides but it sure didn’t make it any easier. In fact, it was heartbreaking but, as a business professional, I understand. I played a part in setting the company’s new strategy and direction.

I knew it was not my path.

So I’m here raising my hand as a female leader in tech. We’re all familiar with the story. An incredible number of great posts have been written about businesses seemingly struggling to find qualified women in tech.

I come recommended by folks who have posted some seriously good content on here, former industry colleagues and all around talented people. I’m not perfect. In fact, I’ve been told my spelling and grammar lacks editorial approval (I’m sure there are a few in this post) but . . . my experience is solid as a seasoned project manager, director in tech and leader of diverse tech teams.

I’m working to transition out of my current role. I love the team and I believe in the product(s) so it’s important for me to leave the company in a good spot before my final exit. I just started putting the word out and since I consider my work team a work family, a good fit is really important to me. I’m also learning to be comfortable with self-promoting because through my efforts with makeher.co, I realize women don’t speak up enough when it comes to promoting themselves.

This is my “exploring new opportunities” sign.

I’m reaching out, asking those who have operational pain points in their tech organization to connect because I want to help solve them!

**October 2016 Update: I’ve completed my transition with Pixel Union and I’ve met some amazing folks doing amazing things that I get to be a part of some of through my consulting work with startups. Also decided to take my own leap of faith and dream big with makeher.co and makeherCOMMUNITY. I’m grateful for the wonderful connections I’ve made and look forward to many more. I’m especially excited about the community building initiatives with makeher + co because helping folks dream big what drives me forward every day.

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