How Linda Will Benefit From LindaX.

Linda Coin
Aug 8, 2018 · 3 min read
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The launch of the LindaX platform is not only revolutionary for Linda, but for the entire cryptocurrency market. But as the Linda team creates a new coin, many are worried that LindaX will draw focus away from Linda. This will never happen, as Linda will always be an integral part of LindaX, and these two cryptocurrencies are fundamentally linked.

LindaX was built to enhance Linda’s multiple use cases, not to take away from Linda. That’s what we’ve designed it to do. Through the multiple links we’ve established, we can make sure that LindaX and Linda will always be supporting each other.

LindaX’s Shared Treasury Fund.

The Linda used to participate in the ICO will be stored in a team treasury for a variety of applications such as chain development, company acquisitions and partnerships. Continuous project updates will be highlighted and posted via official monthly reports.

We know that listing Linda and Linda X on some of the most established exchanges has become a requirement to maximize user scalability and global decentralization.

Linda X promotes a decentralized governance where all network participants have the ability to view the lead organizations treasury to validate chain ethics. Network participants will also have the ability to actively participate in decisions made keeping the communities overall end goal in mind.

LindaX’s Exchange Pairings.

The Linda team has chosen to limit the exchange pairings for LindaX in the short term. Currently, you will only be able to purchase LindaX with Linda. (LX/LINDA) This is to ensure a vital link between the two currencies.

When LindaX grows to become a major token platform, Linda will benefit through its trading pair. Since so many people will be purchasing LindaX, they will also need to purchase Linda to get access to LX. This creates a huge demand for Linda, driving the market cap of Linda up.

Furthermore, tokens that are on the LindaX platform will automatically have exchange pairings to LINDA and LX. Once again, this creates a new demand for Linda coin.

LindaX’s exclusive trading pairs reinforces the central idea behind creating LindaX. LindaX is designed to be a new use case for Linda, and the pairings reflect that.

LindaX’s Token Development.

Since corporations will be receiving help from the Linda team to create their token, there is a fee involved in listing a token on LindaX. This fee must be paid in Linda. This brings two major benefits to Linda.

First, this creates more demand for Linda as Fortune 500 corporations will be buying Linda. When there is more demand and competition for Linda, this increases the market cap, and Linda will benefit greatly.

Secondly, when the fees are paid, the Linda will be put in the treasury fund. The funds that LindaX raises from listing tokens will go back to helping the development of Linda.

This article was written by BitPlex Marketing.

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