Linda To Create A Token Platform

Linda is announcing today that there will be a token platform integrated with Lindacoin. The platform, tentatively Linda X, will allow users to use the Linda network to host their own tokens.

Like the ERC20 platform that brought great success to Ethereum, Linda X will bring Linda to the next level. The platform not only creates a huge market for Linda and a new use-case, but it will be better than other token platforms. In this press release, we’ll announce and discuss the benefits of the Linda X platform.

Development Support

First of all, the Linda X platform will provide development support for all the tokens. Unlike the ERC20 platform, the Linda X platform will be prescreening all tokens. This will prevent scams, which is a major complaint about the ERC20 platform currently.

This will also allow the Linda team to personally work with each token team. This will ensure all the tokens are performing at the best of their abilities and for the tokens to see success on the Linda X platform.

The development support that is included with Linda X will make Linda X a more attractive platform than alternatives. Many developers find it hard to set up an ERC20 token, but with Linda X, they will have an in-house support team included.

App Integration

Another benefit of using the Linda X platform is that all tokens will have access to the Linda app features. They will be able to stake their tokens and have all the features of Linda.

As a result, this will make Linda X tokens more accessible to all which makes Linda X a better token platform. This makes Linda X a more attractive place for developers to host their tokens.

Launch Of Linda X

Linda will soon be launching Linda X with two tokens.

Currently, Linda is in talks with other cooperations to create their own token, and partnerships are in the works. Also, the Linda whitepaper will soon be updated and redone to include Linda X and various other new features.

Linda X will revolutionize Linda like the ERC20 platform did to Ethereum. This will be huge, bringing more investors into Linda and will truly make Lindacoin the coin for all purposes.