The Team Behind LindaX — Proven and Experienced.

Linda Coin
Sep 29, 2018 · 2 min read
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When people contribute to a token sale, one of the main things that they look for is a trusted, experienced team. It’s often hard to distinguish an experienced team. A lot of developers behind cryptocurrencies are unproven, new people.

On the other hand, with LindaX, you have a proven and experienced team leading the charge. Coming over from the Linda project, this team is already experienced and has a proven record.

Today, we’ll take a look of some of the team’s previous accomplishments.


Of course, the same team that brought you Linda is bringing you LindaX. Linda has been a very successful cryptocurrency, and is absolutely thriving. At around #300 on CoinMarketCap, this cryptocurrency has had its fair share of attention.

Furthermore, the Linda team has huge partners already. For example, Linda partnered with Crypto Payment Network, which will allow Linda users to have Linda debit cards. They will be able to stake and pay for stuff with Linda, at the same time. Linda is also partnered with the Location Based Marketing Association, Aircoins, and multiple other cryptocurrencies.

Linda is only one of the team’s accomplishments, but it is certainly one of the largest. LindaX will be able to use the framework and connections of Linda to boost itself into the mainstream crypto markets.

MyStakingWallet & MyNodePool

The Linda team also brought MyStakingWallet and MyNodePool to you. These are revolutionary projects designed by the team. They allow users to work together to “stake” cryptocurrencies or operate masternodes. As a result, users are able to stake their cryptocurrencies more efficiently.

Thousands of users around the world are using these platforms. They are both working products listed on Google Play and the App Store. Furthermore, there are some “big-name” cryptocurrencies who are partnered with those platforms. For example, Digibyte, Electra, and Reddcoin are all partners of the two platforms.


In summary, we’ve shown you a couple of the Linda team’s accomplishments. The team is experienced and accomplishment. They will be able to use their prior experience and knowledge to make LindaX a huge cryptocurrency. Unlike other token sales, this team already has a proven track record in the cryptocurrency market, and that’s what sets LindaX apart from the rest.

Without a doubt, LindaX will be their next accomplishment. Join them, and contribute to the future token platform of the world.

This article was written by BitPlex Marketing.

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