Why LindaX Will Overtake ERC20 As The Preferred Token Platform.

Linda Coin
Aug 6, 2018 · 4 min read

In the last Bitcoin bull run in December 2017, we saw corporations rushing to get on the blockchain bandwagon. For example, Kodak created the KodakCoin. Long Island Iced Tea renamed itself into Long Blockchain Corp, which resulted in their stock prices soaring.

Corporations are still eager to get into blockchain and create their own token, but companies are much wiser about making fantastic use cases for their tokens. Tokens can have many uses for companies. For example: acting as a payment source, building customer loyalty, and make their internal processes much more efficient.

But companies also need to know which is the best platform to create their cryptocurrency. That’s where LindaX comes in. Today, we’ll show you how the new LindaX platform will overtake ERC20 as the leading token platform. Because it’s cheaper, faster, efficient, and easier to use.

LindaX’s Network Is Affordable.

The LindaX network is an affordable alternative as opposed to the leading ERC20 platform. It beats ERC20 in the two places where it matters most- transaction cost and development cost.

The platform is able to decrease the standard transaction costs by 50%. On the LindaX network, corporations will be able to send more transactions, at a faster speed, yet at a lower cost as opposed to ERC20.

Furthermore, the development costs of Linda are also more affordable. LindaX has created multiple tools for development. These tools make creating a token easier. Also, LindaX has a developer support system. Instead of contracting expensive support staff, the LindaX team will assist the corporation, saving them money. This means corporations will spend less money on creating their token, and keep more on their bottom line, where it matters.

At the end of the day, corporations will see that LindaX is a cheaper alternative. By using LindaX instead of ERC20, corporations will save thousands, and increase their profit margins. This is going to attract more Fortune 500 corporations to LindaX, and LindaX is going to be the preferred platform to bring blockchain to the whole world.

LindaX’s Transaction Speeds Are Faster.

In the huge Bitcoin bull run in December 2017, we saw a huge problem with Bitcoin. All of a sudden, it couldn’t handle all the transactions that it faced. People waited weeks for their Bitcoin to come through, and paid huge transaction fees of up to $60!

On the other hand, LindaX will never face this issue. Multiple Fortune 500 companies are going to be creating and using tokens on the same network, and that’s what we’ve designed LindaX for. When LindaX is put under the stress of millions of transactions by people around the world, it will stand up to the pressure.

With a five second block interval, this gives Linda an astonishing scalability of 179 transactions per second. Compare this to ETH, where they can only support 6 transactions per second. Or Bitcoin, which crumbled with a massive and expensive backlog, since it can only support 3 transactions per second. When ERC20 crumbles to the pressure, LindaX will not, and this will show everyone the better token platform.

LindaX’s Algorithm Is More Efficient.

LindaX will operate on the superior “Proof-Of-Authority” algorithm. The traditional “Proof-Of-Work” algorithm wastes millions of dollars on expensive mining equipment to keep the network safe. The PoA algorithm has no need for such waste.

The PoA algorithm will rely on verified validators, in this case, the corporations, to validate transactions of the network. When corporations create a token on the LindaX network, they will also be helping by validating transactions. This reduces misbehavior on the blockchain, eliminates the huge power drain of PoW, and puts companies in control of their own token.

When the world starts to operate on a blockchain for our everyday lives, it cannot be ERC20. We simply can’t be so wasteful, and spend huge amounts of energy on mining. No government will ever allow that, even if there’s that much power in the world to support ERC20. Which is why the world will turn to LindaX, which is a far more economic and efficient platform.

LindaX’s Token Creation Process Is Easier.

Finally, LindaX is an easier platform to create a token on. Many corporations still don’t understand blockchain, let alone how to create a token. That’s why LindaX makes it super simple for them.

LindaX provides something crucial that ERC20 doesn’t. It makes creating a token extremely accessible, regardless of how familiar they are with cryptocurrencies. Even better, LindaX has a support system to assist companies when they need it. Therefore, companies are going to be looking to LindaX, as the easier alternative.

A Better Token Platform.

At the end of the day, while ERC20 may be decent for the short term, it’s time for a better solution. ERC20 isn’t sustainable and it is unable to survive in the long term. It can’t handle a heavy transaction load, it wastes huge amounts of electricity in mining, it’s expensive, and it’s extremely difficult to use.

With corporations starting to look into using the blockchain, they’ll start to turn to LindaX. Because LindaX is sustainable for the future, and will be the platform that brings the benefits of blockchain to the world.

This article was written by BitPlex Marketing.

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