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Have you ever sat down to work on a blog post and found the spark just wasn’t there? If writing doesn’t come naturally to you (and even if it does), any excuse can be enough to push blogging to the back burner.

But then your website loses steam, you lose confidence and momentum, and worst of all the people who need you and your wisdom lose out completely and you don’t get to help them.

If you’re forcing yourself to write posts you’re not excited about, it will always feel like an uphill climb. But if you’re writing about things…

Your blog categories are a vital part of your content marketing strategy. When someone visits your website and finds your list of blog categories displayed in the sidebar, they get an instant snapshot of the range of your expertise, and how you can help your clients.

Your blog categories are a natural extension of your brand, revealing what’s important to you and what you stand for in your business. Blog category links also help guide your readers to the information that will help them the most.

Blog categories help you plan

Planning your blog categories before you write helps you organize your writing and stay…

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Wellness clinic owners and managers often tell me they know they should be blogging more often, but they’re just not getting any contributions from their team.

Before you can expect your team to support your blogging efforts, they — and you — need clarity about what they’re signing up for, specifically:

  1. Purpose — Who will the articles on your clinic’s blog help, and how?
  2. Topics — In which key subject areas do your practitioners excel? What sets your clinic apart from others?
  3. Goals — What do you want your blog to achieve and how will you measure those results?
  4. Schedule…

I’ve certainly had my own share of blogging slumps, which as you can imagine is not something I talk much about. I am, after all, a business blogging expert who has written a plethora of posts about how to keep your business blog updated.

While I want to be authentic, and most of all to share my lessons and strategies with you, I also want to be sure to avoid any of the classic mistakes people make after a break from blogging.

Your business blog doesn’t come with voice-overs

You know how television shows often begin with the words “Previously on…” and then a few clips that…

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When people are dealing with health and wellness issues, they look for help from someone they trust and feel a personal connection with. Blogging is an excellent way to build that bond.

When you blog authentically and from a place of passion, you give prospective clients a good sense of who you are and what it’s like to work with you.

Of course if blogging were easy, everyone would be doing it and you wouldn’t be reading this post. There is an art to blogging well, and skills you can learn and master.

Use these lessons and warnings to get…

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When you deliver a personal service such as a wellness treatment, it can be challenging to explain what you do in a 60-second introduction or a three-minute conversation in the buffet line.

Prospective clients need more time to learn about you and decide whether to trust you with their wellness care. A frequently updated website is a key marketing tool, but how do you get people there?

Would you be relieved to hear that you don’t need to be on the first page of Google in order to attract new local clients? If so, you’ll want to keep reading.


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There are five things people are looking for when they search online for health and wellness topics. Here’s how your blog can address those needs and attract these prospective clients to your services.

  1. Am I all alone? People want to know they’re not the only ones who’ve experienced whatever problem they’re having. Blogging tips: Write about the most common complaints and issues your clients have when they hire you. Describe exactly what they may be going through. Use the same words your prospective clients would use in a conversation with a friend.
  2. Is this ever going to get better? People…

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Some people just don’t like writing. Maybe you’re one of them. And when you hear that Facebook rewards video with more views, YouTube is the world’s second-largest search engine, and the opinion that “no one reads anything online anymore,” it’s tempting to throw away your keyboard completely.

I totally get it, really I do, but please don’t do this!

Here are three reasons why making videos does not let you off the hook from writing:

Reason #1: Writing helps you speak better

Whether you do a formal script, a general outline or storyboard, a list of bullet points, or simply a calendar of planned topics, writing ideas…

While I love seeing a long list of blog post title ideas, full of promise, there is a dark curse lurking within my editorial calendar — one that has plagued me in other years.

Like any smart business blogger, I try to start each year by pre-populating an editorial calendar of topics or titles. This way, I get a head start on meeting my goal of producing a particular volume of content — both for Content Mastery Guide and for blogs where I am a guest author.

Fast forward a few months, and it’s time to sit down and work…

From Cobwebs and Crickets to Content and Crowds

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Now that the winter is getting closer, I’m noticing a few more spiders seeking shelter in my house. We’ve had a long-standing agreement — if they stay out of my way I’ll stay out of theirs.

One thing I do take care of are the intricate webs they leave behind in the corners. As beautiful as they are, they make my house feel tidy and uncared for.

The website equivalent to cobwebs in the corner is a blog that hasn’t been updated. …

Linda Dessau

Author of Write Your Way to More Clients Online. Wellness #blogging tips: http://www.contentmasteryguide.com/tips. Mom to Patch the greyhound.

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