I’m Leaving My 6-Figure San Francisco Startup Career to Sell Ice Cream on a Beach
Jeanna Barrett

Go for it! You’ll meet lots of us who are out there changing the world of work. I had a similar experience — my company “re-org’d” in 2012 and eliminated my dept. Instead of moving into a different dept., I moved on but looked for a new job (just like the old one) for way too long. Then I decided what I really needed was not a new job, but a new life. I went to culinary school for a year, am interning at a food consulting company and have a 2-month chef gig lined up in Barcelona this fall. Then I’m travelling the world to write about food in other cultures. Along the way, I’ve learned how to thrive on 20% of my former salary with 0% of the stress I used to feel.

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