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Places of Culture, Art and Community in Kathmandu

Kathmandu is developing itself as a Digital Nomad Community. Actually it has always been a nomad community. From the 70s onward, hippies started flocking to Kathmandu to enjoy the spirituality, peacefulness and mountains. And now that the country has been through some hectic time periods (maoist rebellion, earthquake), it is now reinventing itself as a place for expats, NGO workers, artists, yogi’s, tourists and digital nomads.

The reason why it just ‘opened up’ for digital nomads is the upgrade in internet speed. Since a year there are fiber packages, with high speed internet that can go up to 50mbps. And the cost of living is still low, with mountain view apartment rentals in the city center starting as cheap as 150 euros a month. Beside the pollution levels (that we all have to deal with in Asian cities), Kathmandu has a lot of fun community life to offer. Here I list three Culture, Art and Community centers in Kathmandu where you can eat your heart out as a digital nomad:

Nexus Culture

They call themselves an artivist organization. In a nice relaxed garden surrounded by old motorbikes and art, you can sit down and join in with the conversations around you or work away on your laptop, accompanied by a plate of momo’s or a nice cup of coffee. In the evening it’s time to put the laptop away and open your eyes and ears for a nice movie night or grab the mic on the open mic night.

A busy afternoon at Nexus Culture

BAC Art café

Are you ready to let your creative skills out and join in with the projects at BAC Art? Come around the first during one of their exhibitions, and next thing you know you are giving a workshop or creating a piece of art with your new friends. There is a nice garden restaurant with a monthly art market and in the evening there are often bands playing.


This is where the entrepreneurs are flocking! In this chilled out garden drones are being put together, while somebody else is giving away an interview on air pollution, and another person is demonstrating a newly developed soap from the mountains. On Fridays the afternoon drinks kick off and everybody mingles away. This is the place to start co-working and get your idea going!

A busy day at Communitere coworking space