Emergency Medical Supplies- Know their situation based needs and their distributor

A quick and competent reaction of paramedics and physicians can save a person’s life. Incidents such as heart attacks, childbirth, slips and falls, vehicle accidents, gunshot wounds etc. require immediate treatment and cure. In such situations, Emergency Medical Services play a vital role as through these supplies only, the emergency medical technicians can provide their vital services. The QuadMed is one of those sites that can make available the superior quality emergency products and items to the specialist and technician. The fast delivery service provided by the site is competent enough to deliver most of the products in the time duration of 24 hours.

In a situation of emergency, the medical supplies can help the paramedic to assess the nature of the patient’s condition and provide emergency care. Here is the list of some emergency supplies that can be helpful in certain situations:

Items for precaution

Before examining a patient, the paramedic has to take proper precautions to protect himself and the patient against all body fluids as well as all communicable infections. For this purpose, it is necessary to have the following items:

· Hand Sanitizer

· Gloves

· Clinical Waste Bags

· Sharps shuttle

Supplies needed for diagnosing the patient

To control the situation, the emergency medical technician has to diagnose the patient properly and detect the vital signs. One has to check the breathing, pulse and blood pressure of the patient in order to understand the situation. Here are some supplies that can assist the technician to detect and record the signs of patient.

· Stethoscope

· Pulse Oximeter

· Ophthalmoscope/ Otoscope

· Blood Pressure Cuff

· Blood Glucose test kit

· Thermometer

Handling situation of Airway

If the patient is showing signs of some airway issues then it’s essential for the paramedic to have suction and airway adjuncts.

· Oral Airway

· Suction

· Nasal Airway & Lube

· Laryngeal Airway

· Laryngeal airway holder

· Colourmetric capnography

Items for managing Breathing situation

In most of the emergency situations, the patient can have the inadequate breathing problem. In that case, the paramedic should have the adequate items to control the situation. Pocket masks can be of great help in an urgent situation but if you want something larger than a bum-bag then Bag Valve Mask is a nice choice. While treating a patient with respiratory issues, O2 cylinder is a must together with a Non- Rebreather as well as Nasal Cannula. Other than this, usage of oxygen also demands the use of Pulse Oximeter.

Tackling bleeding problem

Handling the bleeding is the priority concern of the paramedic as a large amount of blood loss can make the condition of the patient more critical. Putting direct pressure can handle the majority of bleeds so it is really important to have pressure dressings.

· Gauze

· Tape

· Pressure Bandages

· Torniquet

· Chest Seal

· Haemostatic Agents

On serious wounds like the gunshot wound or stab wound, Israeli bandage is ideal for applying pressure.

Medical Supply for Bone damages

In the case of fractures or other bone damages, Sam Splint is a must-have product. The splint is super strong and is very easily mouldable which makes it easy to work with. Other items which are needed for treating splinting are:

· Stretch Wrap

· Inflatable Splints

· Elasticated Bandages

· Cervical Collar

Treating Burns

The best way to cure burns is cold running water but the problem arises when invariably running water is not immediately available. Here comes the role of burns dressing and supplies needed for it are:

· Stretch Wrap.

· Water soluble burns dressing like Water-Jel or Burn shield.

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